Undoubtedly, a flower vase or Dekorasi Duka cita a designer vase is a surprisingly versatile accessor. You add it in your bedroom or place on the centre table, it is going to bring good vibes from all around and spread the same. Not only these flower vases in India look beautiful, but they also are functional and useful. Plenty of brands have stocked fabulous glass, metal and designer ceramic vases in India only to ensure that no household is left without adding them in their corners. A designer flower vase do not need anything to elaborate its look, it contains its own charm and aura.

Each and every flower vase that you look at the website of Home 4 U has been crafted to the finest perfection. Each piece has been chosen by our team very meticulously so that our customers get premium designs, excellent quality and superior craftsmanship. Whether you pick up a glass or a ceramic flower vase, here are some of the hit and trials you can try at your home:


Who said you can only use flower vases to add flower in the same? Well, designers vases call for a unique way to store your items carefully. However, the number of things that you can store in the vase would depend upon the shape and design of the vase, but it will definitely add a rare look to your decor.


It goes without saying that a designer vase is going to give you another chance to bring home some more gradience and vibrancy. Add as many flowers as you can and change them daily when you have a stunning designer vase to elaborate the look of your colourful flowers.


You might think this point to be out of place. How can someone display candles in a flower vase? Well, it is very much possible. As they say, for creativity sky is the limit. However, to display candles, choose the colour of your vase very carefully and ensure that the light from the candle illuminates properly.

An extravagant champagne bucket

This is a relatively new concept. You can use your designer vase as a champagne bucket and it will look really appealing. The only condition is that your designer vase should be wide mouthed so that you can at least add three to four champagne bottles to display in the same.

Display your collection

Last but not least, you can use these glass vases in India to display a paraphernalia of your collection. For example, if you have arranged a get-together of friends at home, you can display your photo clips on the designer vase and let your friends experience nostalgia. It is a fun-filled and an exciting activity that you should opt for.

These glass vases and flower vases have been on the priority list of the home decor trend. People have been using them and they are going to use it for a longer time. These beauties are such that they shouldn’t be missed at any cost.Decor your house with these products.

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