Carpet adds beauty to the interior decor of any home irrespective of its size and structure. Regular Carpet cleaning is important as it has to bear or go through a lot of dirt stains and dust. Residential places are more dust prone in comparison to Commercial places. Pets and children also play a challenging role for a healthy life of the carpet. With kids the most common problem is of course chocolate remains. Since candies are sticky they make a bond immediately with the carpet. Proper methods, strategies and machines are required for effective Candy stain removal. With eco-friendly products, professionals can effectively help you in carpet cleaning solutions.

Sushi yam california rollsAll You Need For Removing Candy Stains From Your Carpets:

Things needed



Clean soft cloth

Vinegar and stain remover

First Step

Candy dissolve should be moistened with cold water. By this the sticky substances get easily removed. With the help of spoon you can easily pull the Candy.

Second Step

The remaining stains should be removed with the tested and eco-friendly solution. For removal of pet urine enzymes are there for cleaning carpets. Carpet stain removers does not damage carpet fibres , and is undoubtedly effective in removing Candy stains.

Third Step

With soft cloth you can blot stains from carpets. Blotting helps in absorbing and removing stains with the aid of stain remover. For re blotting cloth should be switched to the cleaners.

Fourth Step

Moisture cloth should be used and poured in white vinegar. This will blot the stained area and remove stains. Scrubbing can damage the carpet and hence should not be tried.

Fifth Step

Once the stains are removed the area should be reblotted with a clean cloth Dam with plain water.

Sixth Step

Excess moisture can be removed by blotting with a clean dry cloth.

Seventh step

This is the most important and the last step. For best results let the carpet dry completely. Placing it under sunlight, or perfect ventilation can help you. Sunlight sanitizes the carpet there by removing germs and odor. These are the seven steps that would help you with perfect cleaning.

Some Extra Tips and Guidance

Citrus cleaners can be used for loosening candy and also removing stains.

Warm water should be avoided as it can completely stain the carpet permanently.

Remember Cold Water loosens candy stains. It dissolves the stain completely and does not spread it.

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